Organic Bath Bombs with/without Toy or Crystal Inside!

Embark Herbals

Your kids will love these Organic Bath Bombs! But they're for adults to enjoy too!

They're 100% fun, while parents will love that they're 0% toxic chemicals!

Can customize for any holiday...give me a call!

Great idea to hide inside plastic eggs at Easter time!

Choose from:

Small (1 oz) with/without toy... white bunny eraser fits inside

Medium (2 oz) with/without toy... colored bunny crayon fits inside

Large (3 oz) with/without toy... (LEGO, Paw Patrol, Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony)

Large (3 oz) with Crystal

Call or email me to make a special request as to which color or type of toy they get, and I will do my best to custom make it!

I need all orders in a week ahead of time so I can purchase the custom materials, make them, and allow 2 days drying time to cure before I can package them and have them ready for pick-up! I may have some extras after that are read to go, but will not be able to customize.

Can also customize gift wrap or gift basket (extra). Stop in or call me over the phone.

Made with organic flower petals from Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender and Elder Flower; Essential Oils; citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and corn starch.


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