Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Embark Herbals

Mothers are the epitome of Love. Thank the mother (or mother-figure) in your life this Mother's Day with a gift that pampers her mind, body and soul and helps to restore all the love she has shown you throughout the years. If you're a mother, treat yourself as well!

Our "Love Me Tender" organic tisane blend is formulated to honor the sacred heart of the Mother archetype from herbal allies that embrace the essence of what it means to be a source of love, patience, comfort and nourishment.

Label description on package: As you sip, "Close your eyes just for a moment & imagine yourself embraced in the tender arms of Motherwort, while the delicate hush of Rose Petals whispers to your heart that all is well & that you are loved. Let the Linden, Nettles & Hawthorn penetrate through the tension and sweep you away into a sublime oasis where all is right from within & that you are right where you are supposed to be at this very moment."                Also contains White Peony. Available in three sizes. 

And, for the Mama's who are serious tea enthusiasts, may we suggest our "Organic Tisane Experience" and "Frazzled Mama's Adaptogen Sampler" variety trays! For a complete description and more varieties click here:  

We also offer hand-made gold-dipped feather earrings, in honor of one of my mother's favorite earring styles. They come in white, white and pink, and black. 

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